Partner user case – A Facility Agent Model: Putting the user experience first

How to optimally fulfil the needs and wishes of a high-profile and multi-site customer such as ING. How to build up an innovative Facility Agent Service model? What impact will it have in the Facility Management Landscape? How do you guarantee efficient property management that also prioritises a first-rate user experience? And how can you agilely respond to new facility management opportunities and challenges?

The relatively unknown managing agent model provided ING with an answer to those
questions. And Meliopus has been helping them implement this concept at the office since
January. We got a handful of pioneers to join us at the table to discuss their challenges and
‘It’s an outsourcing model, one for outsourcing activities outside your purview to an external
partner. Total facility management involves vesting a single party with full responsibility.
Where a managing agent is concerned, you develop a partnership between your internal
facility department and an external facility agent who collaborates with operational partners
to supply efficient, customer-centric management. It’s a way of separating management and
control from operational execution.’
‘The big difference is that we register partnerships with our suppliers. Meliopus monitors and
manages these contracts, enhancing the user experience of all building end-users. And
because contracts are directly concluded between ING and operational suppliers, the facility
agent retains full liberty and independence.’ (…). Read all about it in the full discussion: 

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