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Let’s start by wishing you all a prosperous 2023! We are sure that the new year will bring amazing FM challenges to tackle. As IFMA Belgium Chapter, it is our mission to help you to achieve your ambitious objectives.
We wish a happy New Year 2023
The health crisis has profoundly changed the way employees look at their work. Employees are questioning the necessity of returning to the office, are attaching great importance to a work/life balance, while for organizations finding and retaining suitable people became more difficult than ever. Xwork responds to this with a co-working solution that is both innovative and practical.
On October 20 we had our employee/customer experience event at Delen Private Bank in Antwerp. A lot has been said and written about Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and Customer Value Proposition (CVP) but we wanted to show how flawless EVP and CVP could look like and what it does to visitors or staff.
For a Facility Manager, each project is a strategic challenge. You have to make sure that people, planet and profit aspects are integrated in everything you do. In the past we were mainly focused on energy saving and sustainability. Nowadays we’re talking about ESG, and our work covers three different domains: Environmental, Social and Governance. As such, Facility Managers have a huge impact on delivering the objectives linked to each of these domains.
IFMA Sustainability event - 27/09
Anton & Tom are recognized experts, daily interacting with Facility Managers and C-levels. In 2021, they decided to relaunch IFMA Belgium with a board of people sharing the same ambition: to position Facility Management as a strategic role within organizations. They oversee IFMA Belgium’s communication and marketing and put a lot of energy in delivering great content to inspire IFMA members. Today, they answer a few questions on the core enablers to implement an efficient workplace strategy!
Data and extensive collaboration must bring water management into the 21st century. The e availability of fresh water is under increasing pressure in Belgium. “Human beings have adapted the landscape to their own needs for decades and we are now bearing the consequences,” explain Kobe Geryl and Thomas De Ruyck (…)
Data and extensive collaboration must bring water management into the 21st century.
Our first edition of the IFMA Summer Vibes networking event is a fact! We had the right tropical temperature to get the vibes going. More than 80 FM professionals joined this unique event. IFMA Belgium welcomed the attendees with a well deserved refreshment drink before revealing the calendar for the next events in 2022.
IFMA has embarked on a global effort to disseminate facility operations and performance data. This white paper focuses on sustainable operations and maintenance practices and is the first in a series of three reports summarizing performance of select buildings throughout Europe. While there is a small sample size for this pilot study, there are relevant findings to consider.
sustainability programs and initiatives
Sustainability is on everyone’s lips, but over the years it has also become an easily claimed umbrella term. Companies play an important role in the sustainability debate, but according to Meliopus, they also have a responsibility to set a good example for individuals and society.
Sustainable environment
Immerse yourself in the world of E-mobility & learn how to prepare for this as a buyer, supply chain manager, logistics manager & facility manager! What’s in store for us? What is the future of E-mobility? How can you already prepare your organization & your infrastructure for this?
Captains of e-mobility event
The world of work has changed beyond all recognition in recent years – and so have the demands of managers, employees, and customers. The experience that these stakeholders have come to expect is personalised, holistic, and integrated. In other words, what they expect is a Total Experience.
the new face of FM services
Aïcha Leeters, project manager in Facility Management, recently joined the board of IFMA Belgium to develop the activities and actions of the organization for Young Facility Managers. She is passionate about buildings, architecture and design, but also people and enjoys the challenge of finding the best partners to carry out a project as good as possible. Let’s learn more about her and her ambitions for IFMA.
Aicha leeters
Workplace experience in the new world of Hybrid Working continues to be a hot topic, not only in FM, but also in HR, Corporate Real Estate, and on many top management tables. The war for talent that many thought would have ended with Covid is flaring higher than ever before. The role of the physical workplace in attracting and retaining talent is being reconsidered from all angles.
hybrid working study by ISS BELGIUM

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