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08/02/24 – Site visit “Living Tomorrow”

The role of a facility manager is dynamic, with constant changes on the horizon. As we move past the pandemic, the future is beckoning, and envisioning the world in 2030 raises intriguing questions. What will our workspaces look like, how will we live and commute, what innovative materials will shape our constructions, and what energy sources might emerge?

For Living Tomorrow, the future is not a series of uncertainties but a vast canvas ready to be adorned with dreams and visions. The latest addition to this visionary landscape is the digital experience center, inaugurated in the last quarter of 2023. We offer you an immersive tour tailored to the interests of facility management professionals, covering key topics such as energy, transportation, building materials, and modern workspaces.

During the innovation tour, participants can anticipate encountering:

  • Cutting-edge technologies of today and glimpses into the future.
  • Environments that prioritize comfort, safety, and health through smart technologies and sustainable practices like energy and water recycling, AI integration, augmented reality (AR), and autonomous systems.
  • Revolutionary elements like robots, drones, Nreal glasses, aimed at transforming and enhancing both work and leisure.
  • A demonstration home featuring a digital twin, virtual fireplace, and more.
  • Insights into the future of work and collaboration using the metaverse, AI, and AR.

Following this immersive experience, participants will gather for dinner, providing ample time to reflect on how these future developments may impact their day-to-day responsibilities. The question posed to facility managers is clear: Are you prepared for the future?


Indringingsweg 1, 1800 Vilvoorde
Parking is next to the location.


18h00 – 18h40: Welcome
18h40 – 20h00: Innovation tour in the experience center
20h30 – 23h00: Walking dinner and networkdrink


  • Students: 40,- EUR
  • Facility & Real Estate Professionals: Members: 100,- EUR / Non-members: 150,- EUR
  • Associate & Vendors: Members: 150,- EUR / Non-members: 200,- EUR

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