2023 Upcoming Events

Why is our quiet room used so little? Why do our colleagues continue to hold meetings in the open work environment? Why is the clean desk policy not respected? Why does no one use the beautiful but very expensive lounge furniture? Human behaviour in the work environment is often inexplicable, unpredictable and, above all, difficult to adjust. The most ambitious work environments can be spoiled by disruptive behaviour. The question now is how we can manage the use of the work environment and change the behaviour of our users. Which concrete actions can we take? Learn all about it and join our webinar!

Past Events

ESG and Facility Management are more connected than ever. This event is your chance to understand why and how. Learn more from our speakers that are experts in their field and discover one of the newest distribution hubs of Eutraco with a guided tour that will focus on Sustainable Warehouse.
After the success from last year we’ll organize the second
edition of ‘IFMA Summervibes’
, a fun event with networking opportunities, a BBQ, drinks and music.

An event you don’t want to miss!

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A metaverse will be an improved digital environment where it is possible to move seamlessly between work, play, shopping, socializing, … How is it going to impact the FM market? What are the benefits we can get from the metaverse? What are the possible applications in our day-to-day and in the working environment of the future?
On October 20 we had our employee/customer experience event at Delen Private Bank in Antwerp. A lot has been said and written about Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and Customer Value Proposition (CVP) but we wanted to show how flawless EVP and CVP could look like and what it does to visitors or staff.
Just before the summer it’s the ideal moment to come together and to network with your peers ! We’ve chosen an inspirational location with a strong cultural content. Lets come together, connect and learn what IFMA can bring you in the 2nd half of 2022.
IFMA- summer vibes event
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