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The health crisis has profoundly changed the way employees look at their work. Employees are questioning the necessity of returning to the office, are attaching great importance to a work/life balance, while for organizations finding and retaining suitable people became more difficult than ever. Xwork responds to this with a co-working solution that is both innovative and practical.

“Xwork grew during the health crisis and is based on an analysis of work” introduces Thierry Janssen, CEO of Xwork. “Work can be divided into three types of tasks: ‘handwork’, necessary but not directly creating value; ‘headwork’ requires concentration and ‘teamwork’ with colleagues who both create value.

For handwork, a move to the office is unnecessary, we learned from the long period of mandatory working from home.”

Xwork ensures access to high-quality and safe co-working locations within half an hour of travel time from the residential location, clearly settled on the basis of actual usage.

Workplace as a service

Xwork has agreements with a very wide and varied range of providers of co-working locations so that users enjoy maximum flexibility in their choice and can prioritize proximity to their residential locations. “A high density of our locations is important in order to de-stressing the user by minimizing travel times and offering the ideal workplace in function of the tasks to be performed” explains Thierry Janssen.

"Many people do not want to return to the office to perform tasks that can be done just as efficiently elsewhere, but often they don't have the optimal conditions at home, either in terms of equipment or in terms of tranquillity and privacy. For them, around 50 co-working locations of our network are suiting perfect".

Before a location is included in the Xwork network, it is screened for quality and safety. “Large organizations have clearly defined standards that their workplaces must meet” explains Thierry Janssen. “Obviously, the locations we propose must at least meet the same values. We are very selective, because although the offering of co-working spaces has grown considerably, the quality or spirit of what we mean by co-working does not always meet our criteria.”

Practice-oriented and user-friendly

Xwork particularly caters to organizations whose employees live in widely dispersed locations. It addresses the needs of HR to recruit and retain talented employees; supports Facility Management in facilitating employees with an optimally adapted workspace and helps the Mobility Manager to reduce travel costs.

With Xwork, employees can book a flex desk per half day at the location that best suits their tasks at any time or use meeting facilities that can be booked per hour. Thierry Janssen: “Xwork is a postpaid ‘pay as you use’ solution that allows employers to recharge a number of credits per employee and per month for flex desk workstations or meeting rooms. There is no mandatory minimum monthly purchase. This promotes perfect budget control. At the end of the month, a detailed report of the used credits follows, which also allows the administrator to adjust the number of credits allowed if necessary”.

Partner in the spotlight

Picture of Thierry Janssen, Co-founder & CEO of Xwork

Thierry Janssen, Co-founder & CEO of Xwork

"We facilitate companies and their employees using nationwide 3rd party locations, fully integrated in their business practices and processes"

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